William Ellery Channing

MasterInvest is a new and promising investment project, which is formed by true professionals. A unique platform allows you to invest assets profitably, receiving passive income for it. As a result, the amount of time spent on making profit decreases. The system is reliably functioning basing on the principles of consistent investment in masternodes. The ambitious method enjoys widespread popularity among people. High quality service of network servers is up to date. The development team controls the uninterrupted operations of devices in 24/7 mode. For the coordinated functioning of the platform, a dedicated IP address is required. Masternode online runs without any problems. This does not require special knowledge and large funds.


complete legality of functioning on the market;

no need to invest much money in equipment, electricity and rental properties;

the project is ecologically safe for the environment;

no negative impact on nature and living organisms. The system is more promising than classic mining. Buying expensive equipment is not needed;

investing in masternode is done without too much headache. The user does not have to look for a buyer for outdated and operated-off equipment;

simplicity and safety in the use of functionality. Exchange money for coins at a favorable for you rate . It is better to invest in masternode for a long time.


The main task of masternodes is to provide a stable reward for the service of a number of transactions and financial operations in the network. The fundamental advantage of the system is complete independence from external computing processes. All payments are made on the principles of anonymity and complete transparency. The MasterInvest platform makes the following MasterNodes available: SmartCash, Vivo, Bitcoin Green, PacCoin, GoByte, Polis, Crown, ZCoin, LogisCoin, DeviantCoin, Lightpaycoin, Coin2Play, Energi, Syscoin, MNPCoin. In 2019 it is planned to expand and integrate the resource capabilities.

Registration process and the application of functionality

To use all the services of the platform you must register. Creating a personal profile does not take much time. The principle of profit-makings from masternodes is simple and transparent. To activate the project, you should perform a number of actions from the list:

1. Get the minimum necessary knowledge and funds.
2. Decide on the type of cryptocurrency.
3. Register on the site.
4. Recharge a wallet on the platform with certain coins. Buying currency is better at the time of dropping the rate on the stock exchange.
5. Invest Cryptocoins in MasterNode.
6. Get a stable passive income from invested funds.

An intuitive and clear online interface will make working on the platform comfortable. Developers systematically improve the system and its capabilities. Some servers can make a profit every 8-16 hours. Invest into cryptocurrency on the scheme of participatory interest correctly. MasterInvest company will help you with this.


Today, there is much concern about the issue of additional income. New technologies allow you to increase your capital, working in the network. People choose among the great number of investment projects the most profitable and safe. Objectively assessing a functioning system does not always work. After all qualitative assessment requires deep knowledge. The MasterInvest company has worried about that. Now the investments in cryptocurrency have become a reliable and right step towards financial independence. Features of a unique project